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We’ve created building blocks for communicating Agents Alliance Services Brand Identity in a unified visual system we call the Brand Guidelines.  Comprised of core elements including logo, color, type, and icons, as well as extended expressions including treatments, gradients, graphics, and textures. This wide range of tools is designed to be flexible and expandable. You can use your creativity to innovate across all media. To effectively define the Agents Alliance Services brand experience, these core elements must be aligned across every touchpoint, from partner to employee.


This is how we express ourselves.  Our brand is more than a logo. It’s how people experience us and our business. Our brand identity system makes it easy to bring the brand to life. It makes all our work integrated, more consistent, and even a little beautiful.

Corporate Images are responsible to transfer the values of Executive corporate to our clients or our potential clients.  When using illustration and photography to enhance the user experience, choose images that express our brand values. We have a huge library of approved photos. You can use them legally, anywhere in the world, in any media. All free. Remember our Brand Identifiers as keywords when looking at images to use.


Is it bright? Is it inviting? Clean? Modern? Simple? Professional?


Approved images available for use can be found online by clicking here.


Icon options are available through the Marketing Department in the correct formats. Do not pull icons from this document as they will not be of the correct quality that represents the Agents Alliance Services brand. Icons available for use can be found online here.

Our logo serves as an example for the tone, aesthetic and values of the entire brand. Setting guidelines ensures that our logo is used properly and as it is intended. These guidelines help us avoid things like altering the logo in any way, causing it to lose its integrity by stretching or presenting it in a way that is not harmonious with the rest of the brand’s voice.


You can find approved versions of our logo here.

Typography plays an important role in communicating an overall tone and quality.  We have selected Archivo Black, Avenir Book and Minion Pro. These help inject energy and enthusiasm into the entire branding of Agents Alliance.  These will be utilized as the primary and secondary typefaces in all communication. 


Fonts / Typography when used consistently, unifies messaging and creates familiarity.

The following guidelines will help ensure maximum legibility and reinforcement of the Agents Alliance Brand.

Fonts available for use can be found here.