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Access To Carriers

Whether you’re becoming an independent agent and need access to carriers for the first time, or need additional carriers to meet the needs of your customers, Agents Alliance can assist you. We have relationships with more than 135 carriers and use those relationship to help independent agents build a successful agency. 

Higher Commission

We have one of the industry’s best levels of commission. One of our biggest differentiators is the generous compensation and profit-sharing model that we offer. Join other independent agents who have taking advantage of our opportunity of higher commission. Your success is our motivator.

Technology Platform

A technology platform that effectively does what you need it to is a necessity for your independent insurance agency. At Agents Alliance, we have industry leading software to help you manage your relationships with your clients, store your important documents, and get comparative quotes.

Customized Onboarding​

At Agents Alliance, we tailor your onboarding process, which includes one-on-one calls. We help ensure you’re set up with accounting, technology platform, and training needs, as well as, build an online presence and provide you with the resources you need to succeed.

Ownership & Independence​

From the very beginning, you own 100% of your agency. Your logo, your name, and your book. There is no vesting program or buyout if you decide to separate from us. You make the decisions for your agency and Agents Alliance provides you with the necessary support and advise along the way.

Back Office Support​

From day one, you will have our team as your back office support. Our accounting team will manage the detailed work of the back office with Agency Bill and Direct Bill Premium Reconciliation, as well as a thorough monthly commission reconciliation.